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“Together, I believe we can stop the abusive trigger lead crisis, but I need your help. Please share this page with all of your loan officer friends and sign the petition.”


(Mortgage Branch Manager | Founder of Mortgage Marketing Animals)

A Petition In Support Of Stopping Abusive Mortgage Trigger Leads

A Petition In Support Of Stopping Abusive Mortgage Trigger Leads

We, the undersigned, are members of the residential mortgage community in the United States. We are proud to earn our living helping citizens achieve the American Dream. Home ownership is still the single greatest creator of generational wealth for all.

There is a serious problem in our industry that is everywhere and harmfully effects literally millions of borrowers across this country every day. The problem is abusive trigger leads. When a prospective borrower has their credit history pulled by a mortgage lender, the fact that this information has been pulled is called a “trigger lead.” This information is pulled & along with the borrower’s contact information is sold – often dozens of times for each credit pull. That information is then entered into powerful technologies that contact these prospective borrowers literally hundreds of times via email, voice and text messaging, without the borrower’s consent. Often these solicitations are fraudulent and designed to confuse prospective borrowers or deceive them.

The vast majority of prospective borrowers do not even know that this is legal, and they do not consent. Current procedures to protect these borrowers are woefully inadequate. The procedures are slow, laborious and designed to confuse the average borrower.

Simply stated, we the undersigned believe this practice must stop-and stop now!

There is legislation currently before the 118th Congress that would alter the current reality and protect consumers. The legislation would severely limit and regulate this practice. We urge our elected representatives from across this nation and from every political party to support this legislation and protect prospective borrowers.

Let’s all help every possible citizen to achieve the American Dream!

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