Crushing Call Reluctance

Crushing Call Reluctance for Loan Officers: A Proven System to Make the Calls You Need to Get the Business You Want

Call reluctance is likely the #1 obstacle that is keeping you from having the mortgage business you deserve whether you are closing 3-4 loans per month or 34 loans per month.  

In this book you will learn how to identify whether you have it (even if you think you don’t), what the causes are, and a step by step approach on the solutions for it so that you can have the mortgage business you deserve and that your family deserves.  

Imagine doubling your application volume in the next 12 weeks, would it be worth it to you to read this book?  

Seriously, everybody feels the fear - truly everybody. Even the most confident top producer who is making sales all day long on the phone may look fearless, but they're not. They feel the fear and do what needs to be done to push through it.  

By the time you finish reading this book, you are going to have new insights, a fresh perspective, some tricks you can use to bypass your limiting beliefs and it’s our belief that you will be able to pick up the phone or go make some sales calls and have conversations a whole lot easier.  

We have worked with thousands of loan officers who have claimed their readiness to help more people and live the lifestyle they want with the right income to support it.  

We’ve seen it happen fast when you work with the system we’re about to teach you. 

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